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Jewish Baby Namings
Jewish Baby Namings
Facilitating Baby Namings
for Jewish Families
in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania

Public celebrations upon the birth of a daughter are a fairly recent
phenomenon in Jewish tradition; as a result, every such ceremony is different, as the Jewish community is still in the process of defining this ritual. While the birth of a Jewish baby boy is marked by a circumcision, in recent years, many families also create their own meaningful services with a Rabbi or Mohel to celebrate the occasion.

Baby Namings NYC strives to provide meaningful ceremonies for families who want to mark the arrival of their baby with bestowing him or her with a traditional or modern Hebrew Name.

We will design a customized service that fits the needs of your celebration. The ceremonies we have compose draw upon Jewish Traditions as well as contemporary elements.


Starting your child's life with a Jewish naming will solidfy your family's commitment to our Tradition's values and teachings.

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